How To Set Up A Home Office

Home Office Ideas

Discovering how to arrange a working-from-home space like an interior professional helps create a practical and good-looking environment. After all, productivity thrives in a space where minimal distractions and creative thoughts bloom. Explore some creative home office ideas for a productive and inspiring workspace.

The home office setup aims to create a productive environment that helps you create work-life balance while improving your overall work output.

Here’s how to ensure the home office setup works for you, even with space constraints.

Identify the Ideal Workspace

Is it a quiet area with low traffic? Settle for empty corners that can fit a sizeable desk. In some cases, the space and furniture become multipurpose. For instance, you can choose a section of the kitchen table to function as the work desk. Or you may place a desk behind a couch or a hallway to maximize your house space.

Incorporate A Personal Style

According to a study by the University of Exeter, the right workspace design decisions improve productivity, happiness, and health. In fact, the study indicated a 32% increase in productivity among the participants.

Before engaging the services of an interior designer, envision your style preferences. Do you prefer shabby chic, modern country, art deco, or urban decor? What inspires you in your work environment?

These personal touches make the workspace more comfortable and, in turn, boost productivity.

Have Proper Lighting In The Home Office

Studies from Carnegie Mellon University and other studies investigating daylighting in schools indicate that higher light levels improve productivity. Students studying in classes with more oversized windows have 15% more progress in maths and 23% faster reading speed compared to those in lower light levels.

Thus, when working from home, you can choose where to locate the office to improve natural light. The downside of improper lighting is that it causes drowsiness and fatigue. Also, ensure you select suitable hues because excellent colour lighting stimulates productivity.

Great Internet Service

Most urban areas have high-speed internet service providers. Ensure you get modern equipment that supports at least 100Mbps in wired connections and 802.11ac for wireless connections.

Improve The Air Quality Around The House

A Harvard University study shows that those working in spaces with better-quality air possess higher cognitive functioning scores than those working in poorly aerated environments. So, let in fresh air by opening your windows or installing ceiling fans to improve air circulation.

Work Out A Perfect Work Schedule

Split your hours to separate your working and non-working hours. When working from home, you may end up working long hours, which leads to burnout while negatively impacting your health.

Rather than working late into the night, you could embrace the traditional 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. However, you choose to create your schedule, ensure it works for you.

On a different note, ensure you keep your workspace clean because a cluttered space destroys you and may increase your stress levels.

Work-from-home office products you’ll need include:

  • Office Desk
  • Chair
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Video conferencing camera
  • Keyboard/Mouse
  • Office Supplies
  • Storage options like file cabinets
  • Power surge protector

A home office can be anywhere – and anything – you want. Create your desired outcome with the limitless options of home office ideas in your imagination.


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