Create Inspiring Workspaces: Framed Partition Solutions from Bridge Interiors

Framed Partitions

Modern organisations seek to increase efficiency, cooperation, and employee satisfaction. Bridge Interiors provides framed partitions to customise areas while adhering to fire and acoustic rules. These systems, which come in elegant and classic designs, allow for specialised locations for workstations, conference rooms, breakout areas, and private offices. They promote a modern business culture by providing seclusion, reducing noise, and allowing for natural light.

Framed Partition Options to Suit Your Needs

At Bridge Interiors, we understand that there isn’t a single, universally applicable solution when it comes to framed partitions. To accommodate your unique requirements and design tastes, we provide a range of solutions. The many framed divider kinds that we provide are broken down below along with their salient features:

High-Performance Partitions

Both utility and aesthetics are given priority in these partitions. Sleek and modern in design, they are constructed from high-quality materials for durability.

Acoustic Partitions

These partitions are ideal for open floor designs since they include integrated soundproofing technology that can lower noise levels by as much as 49 dB. This minimises distractions so that work may be done with concentration during meetings and permits privacy.

Fire-Rated Partitions

The most important thing is safety. The tightest fire safety criteria are met by our fire-rated partitions. With its thorough testing and 30- to 60-minute fire rating, both single and double-glazed variants offer security without sacrificing style.

Structural Glass Partitions

Exceptionally strong and long-lasting, these partitions are made for areas with heavy foot traffic. They are perfect for giving public spaces a feeling of spaciousness since they provide crowd safety while retaining a bright, airy impression.

Customisation of framed partitions: Explore with Bridge Interiors

Bridge Interiors offers a variety of customisation options for framed partitions, including tinted, frosted, or clear glass, frame finishes, and optional features like writing surfaces and magnetic whiteboards. They balance design, practicality, and adaptability, meeting needs like soundproofing, fire safety, aesthetics, and high-traffic areas. Our customisable choices create a workspace that promotes productivity, well-being, and a positive image.


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