Maximise Accessibility

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are the perfect solution for creating highly practical bathroom and showering facilities that provide maximum accessibility for disabled users and suit a wide range of mobility requirements.

Easy to

Our wet rooms are designed and installed with accessibility in mind. With easy-to-use doors and handles, our wet rooms are fully DDA Compliant and provide complete accessibility for anyone in your workplace.

Our high-quality wet room spaces are tailored to be spacious and safe environments for anyone in your office to access and use freely. We will always ensure that our wet rooms provide exceptional disabled accessibility as we strive to provide fully accessible office spaces for all employees in any sized workspace.

No matter the size or shape of the room in your office you are looking to convert into one of our fabulous wet rooms, we can make it work. Whether the space is partitioned or a completely open-plan space, we make sure that we provide our expert advice to give you the most efficient option to suit your workplace.

Our experienced and specialist team will analyse the space and advise on the best option for you, your business, and your employees. At Bridge Interiors, efficiency and professionalism come first – ensuring that our wet room services maintain the same DDA Compliance standards no matter the size of the space available is a priority for our team.

Multiple Layout options

Secure and Waterproof

The most important factor about any wet room space is that there are no leaks or holes anywhere in the room that may leak into another area of the office. This is a guarantee with our well manufactured and secure wet rooms.

We make sure to use high-quality and proven sealants on our wet rooms and provide cost-efficient solutions to any rooms that may be susceptible to leaking in order to create a completely secure and leak-free wet room environment in your workspace.