Fire doors maintenance package for Commercial Offices

Redefining safety and convenience for your business offices, discover the pinnacle of fire door maintenance expertise with Bridge Interiors. Our customised service packages provide the adaptability required to guarantee your fire doors’ durability and compliance.

Preventive Maintenance of Fire Doors

An Intense Approach

Bridge Interiors’ distinctive Fire Door Care Package combines thoughtful planning with proactive maintenance. Aside from inspections, our customised service aligns with the most recent Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, which need more regular checks for ongoing compliance. Partner with us to effortlessly schedule routine maintenance, backed up by ongoing assistance from qualified Door set Technicians.

As a responsible organisation, Bridge Interiors takes the lead in negotiating the complexity of fire door inspection, maintenance, and service. Our nationwide team of fire door professionals guarantees that your commercial office spaces fulfil the most stringent safety and compliance requirements. Choosing Bridge Interiors means following rules and proactively resolving fire door care concerns.

Essential Fire Door Compliance

Why It Counts

Fire doors, which are subjected to unprecedented levels of use, are essential in the complicated construction design. This increased usage and possible user irresponsibility causes wear and tear over time. The probability of unintended tampering or purposeful damage increases the likelihood of fire doors failing to comply.

Noncompliance can have serious financial consequences for building managers and owners. Failure of an inspector to certify all Door sets owing to disobedience might result in unanticipated expenditures. Bridge Interiors is aware of these dangers and handles them with our specialised Fire Door Maintenance Package for Commercial Offices, proactively reducing unexpected shocks.

Customised Solutions for Your Enterprise

A Comprehensive Plan

With Bridge Interiors, select the perfect fixed-term plan best suits your company’s requirements. Enjoy freedom when defining phrases, such as the number of fire doors covered. We place a high value on openness and financial restraint, providing a set yearly fee that includes routine maintenance, inspections, and, if necessary, fire door replacement.

In addition to guaranteeing excellent service, our accreditation under several standard and regulatory trademark maintenance and installation schemes keeps you updated on legislation, including the Fire Safety Act. You can rely on our transparent fire door service package to provide your building’s inhabitants with a hassle-free and secure environment.

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Learn about cost-effective door set maintenance procedures and best practices for prolonging the life of your building’s fire doors. Bridge Interiors complete guide to maintaining and Servicing fire door sets is designed to help you improve the safety of your building.

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