Rather than leaving your ceiling solution as a mere practical afterthought, we ensure that it’s a clever balance of style and functionality. Numerous designs, custom creations, and high acoustic, and environmental performance, produce ceilings that add visible and hidden benefits to your space.

Functional Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings have numerous advantages. They can be easily installed in almost all locations, have a number of performance advantages, and also come in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit any decorative style.

Practical and effective, suspended ceilings improve acoustics and insulation throughout your space. Washrooms and toilet facilities can also benefit from moisture-resistant hygienic solutions, and all suspended ceilings meet fire safety regulations.

Stretch Ceilings also have numerous advantages. While they may not be as simple to install, they are great to improve interior design and have unlimited possibilities.

Creative and sophisticated, stretch ceilings have a vast range of opportunity. Stretch ceilings consist of a film stretched and fitted to a track around the room, an effective way to help hide pipes and electrics, while also giving you complete control over ceiling height.

Effective & Elegant Stretch Ceilings

Bespoke Statement LED Lighting

We can also work with our clients to create bespoke ceiling designs. We have numerous ways of turning ceilings from functional requirements into design features, from imbedding LED lighting to exposing and painting pipework. All bespoke LED creations comply with British Standards and are increasingly affordable.

Our team of experts will ensure that all client requirements are fulfilled when it comes to the selection, design and installation of their ceiling. All lighting will be incorporated into the design and existing structures will be fully accommodated.