Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Hybrid Workspace

In recent times, remote work has become the new norm for most businesses and their employees prompting the development of the hybrid workspace system. However, hybrid working is not a one-size-fits-all strategy, as every organization has to find its own suitable means of incorporating it into the workflow.
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With every company looking for innovative hybrid strategies, this way of working has become one of the most efficient ways to maintain productivity without having to work from the office. Fueled by the surge in hybrid remote work, office usage is dwindling to less than half of its pre-pandemic rates, sparking inquiries into the destiny of office environments. However, it also presents a fantastic chance to reinvent the design of the of the hybrid workplace and tailor it to the requirements of the hybrid workforce, which continues to value office days for nurturing connections and mentorship, as evidenced by remote work statistics.

What is a Hybrid Workspace

The most distinct feature of hybrid working is that employees can split their hours between working at the office and working remotely. This essentially means that they spend less time at the office and the rest of it at home, the library, or even a coffee shop. This strategy has completely reshaped how people use the office, calling for some major design changes.

A hybrid workplace is a core strategic feature of hybrid working rather than being just an added work-life benefit. This workspace should be accessible and promote efficiency and productivity. If you’re looking to switch to hybrid working, here’s everything you need to know about creating a hybrid workspace.

Do You Need to Move Your Office?

While most business owners may want to think that switching to hybrid working calls for wholesome changes in the working environment, that’s not the case. Most of them look to downsize their office space, as there are fewer employees working there at any given time. Hybrid work is not a physical item you put in the workplace. It’s a framework to support office and remote working without disrupting productivity.

Adopting new ways of working can be a challenge for both employees and employers, so it’s better to avoid more costs and confusion by just implementing hybrid working in your existing space.

If You Must Move

If you feel like offering a whole fresh start for your employees, it is worthwhile assessing the options that you have and understanding how they may or may not benefit your business. A hybrid workspace is based on the fact that not everyone has to be at the office all the time. Therefore, it’s crucial to assess the occupancy rate to ensure that it remains balanced for all working days. This will help you to understand if you need to move to a smaller office or not. Read on the ultimate guide to office fit out and relocation planning

Redesigning the Office or Design Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid workspaces are different from traditional ones. Therefore, redesigning your current office space is a viable option, as it’s not just enough to go hybrid and fail to provide employees with the resources they need to remain efficient. Here are some design ideas that support hybrid working;

One Desk Per Employee

One desk for one employee is the standard office solution. A transformed hybrid workspace will enable you to save space and save money. To do this, you should be able to know the number of employees who are at the office at any given time and have the same number of desks.

Collaboration Zones

A collaboration zone in the office is essential for employees to expand their footprint. These spaces may be formal or informal, including conference rooms, breakout spaces, and even kitchens where employees can engage with each other, regardless of their attendance.

Sublet Extra Space

Switching to a hybrid working model leaves a lot of surplus space at the office. If you’re not planning to move, sub-letting is an ideal way to keep the idle space productive. You can rent the space to another company to reduce the rental costs. It is also functional, as you can take it back anytime if you feel like you need more space.

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