What if glass partitions aren’t for you?

Glass office partitions

Although glass partitions are undeniably one of our favourite products for all types of office spaces, we understand that they aren’t always suited to everyone’s taste. So what should you choose if you want to divide your office but don’t want a transparent environment? What should you go for to achieve a more traditional style? Take a look at our recommendations below to see if our we could help bring your vision to life.


Create a structured workplace that succeeds in achieving functionality and style.

Perhaps the most obvious solution for those who don’t want glass partitions but still want to be able to divide an office space is solid partitions. A successful office depends on a well-planned structure and solid partitions can be an ideal way to create specific work zones, workspaces, meeting rooms and offices.

Choose a finish that suits your interior design, whether that’s simple and functional or a striking statement. Solid partitions come in a huge range of finishes, from veneer and wood to custom-made graphics and it’s simple to customise your partitions further by adding windows and doors.

And with solid partitions, you get the additional benefit of increased acoustic performance, with some solid partition systems achieve up to 52 dB (RW). They also feature increased fire resistance of up to an hour and have inbuilt structural crowd resistance properties.


Or, perhaps we can still convince you to give glass partitions a try.

Did you know that glass partitions can be made from innovative SwitchGlass to provide increased privacy? This clever technology means that transparent panes become opaque at the switch of a button, giving you the option of privacy or openness whenever you choose. Or, we can achieve a similar level of flexible privacy by installing blinds in your glass partitions.

Or how about adding custom graphics on top of the glass to make a design statement that reduces transparency but emphasises the personality of your workplace? We’ve had some highly successful results when creating graphics for glass partitions for customers in the past.

It’s always worth exploring your options when it comes to creating an office interior that works for you. If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about possible solutions, then get in touch with our expert team either by phone or via our website.


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