Using Architectural Glass for an Office Refurbishment Project

Glass office partitions

If you are looking for inspiration for a new office design, architectural glazing may be the answer. By integrating bespoke glass systems into your structure, you can truly transform your space. Glass is a contemporary and attractive feature that helps to open up offices, fill spaces with light and give businesses a modern edge. Inbuilt technologies also offer a range of practical advantages that elevate glazing from a simple design statement to a hardworking and essential piece of equipment.

This dual benefit of style and function is what has led us to use architectural glass in many of our design and refurbishment projects, where we have successfully transformed traditional corporate spaces into modern, fresh working environments. Below are just four of our favourite ways to incorporate this versatile medium into workspaces. Read on to find out more.


Make an impression on guests and clients as soon as they reach your front door. Practical and attractive, a glass canopy is a clever addition to all kinds of exteriors. Whilst traditional porches and canopies can sometimes feel dark and oppressive, a glass canopy allows light to reach the entrance area of your building without sacrificing important protection from bad weather.

A multitude of design options are available to suit all kinds of exteriors, including frameless, curved, wall mounted and free standing canopies. Made of toughened glass, they are highly durable and easy to maintain. As a result, glass canopies are sure to be a timeless architectural addition that will serve your business well for years to come.


Open up your space withglass partition systems. Versatile solutions that come in a huge range of styles and designs to suit any kind of workplace, glass partitions can be made into a striking feature or they can simply blend seamlessly into the working environment. They are a modern, on-trend design option with an enduring appeal that ensures longevity.

The aesthetic advantages of glass partitions go hand in hand with their practical benefits. They effectively divide the workplace without blocking out essential natural light, which preserves a feeling of openness throughout your workplace. With single and double glazed options available and inbuilt acoustic performance, fire resistance and crowd pressure capabilities, these are robust and reliable products that solve the essential privacy and safety requirements of any workspace.


Create an illusion of space without compromising vital health and safety requirements. Glass balustrades can be used indoors and outdoors as essential safety additions for stairs, platforms and ledges. A contemporary choice that is conveniently low-maintenance, this is yet another example of how architectural glazing brings together aesthetic and practical benefits.

Bespoke glass balustrades transform spaces. From light, frameless options to combinations of glass, wood and metal, there are designs to suit all kinds of design requirements and settings. Befitting of the necessary safety requirements, all glass balustrades are made from toughened glass, which meets crowd pressure and structural standards.


Enable privacy at the flick of a switch. Although glass partitions are equipped with inbuilt acoustic protection, sometimes it’s desirable to have visual privacy, too. Blinds can be a perfectly adequate solution to this problem, however they can also interrupt the clean aesthetics of glass partitions, thus making them undesirable. This is where SwitchGlass panels come into their own.

Using premium technology, SwitchGlass screens can go from being fully transparent to opaque instantaneously. An innovative and intelligent solution, SwitchGlass screens are a fantastic investment for those that want to retain a minimalist interior without fully sacrificing functional and necessary privacy.


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