The Importance of Workplace Branding Part 2: Clients

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Effective, clear and consistent branding is key to business success. But branding is not just your logo or colour scheme! Your brand means so much more. It’s about your company’s personality and showing the world who you are and should therefore extend much further than a logo and colour scheme. It should also go way beyond only being used on websites and brochures. To get the full value of your brand, it needs to be reflected in your workplace.

Why? Because workplace branding is powerful. It inspires and motivates employees – a vital ingredient to any successful business. So vital, in fact, that we’ve already written about it in our previous post. If you’ve not read part 1 of our blog on the importance of workplace branding for employees, you can find it here. Give it a read – we think you’ll find it interesting.

With companies more dependent than ever on their brand for success, it’s very important to take every opportunity you have to communicate your values. A branded workplace can have a huge effect on how clients and customers perceive you. It communicates clearly who you are, what you do and what your aims are. And of course, client perceptions are crucial to your success and growth.


A branded workplace communicates with your clients on multiple levels. It shows the pride you take in your products, conveys your company’s aims, emphasises your key messages and demonstrates your commitment.

When clients see the time, effort and care that you’ve invested into your workplace, they know that you’re a serious business. When they get a real feeling for who you are as a company, they can understand you and communicate with you better. These are vital conditions for inspiring the confidence and trust that form the foundation of investment and partnerships.

And you know what else it can help with? First impressions and lasting impressions – two things that are both as important as each other when it comes to winning business. A well designed, branded workplace can be a massive asset when it comes to making these impressions on your clients. A great looking office helps first impressions immeasurably. It welcomes people to your space, shows that you care and acts as a great icebreaker by giving you plenty to talk about, particularly if you give your clients a bit of a tour. It can make a real lasting impact and create a buzz about your company, inspiring clients to talk to others about their experience of your company.

Good interior design can achieve a lot. However, it’s important to remember that branded workspaces aren’t just about nice looking interiors. A branded workplace is much more intelligent and the effects of it go much deeper. A branded workplace represents who you truly are as a business and enables your clients to really get a feel for the essence of your company. From the smallest of elements to big, exciting design statements, all of the details within your branded workplace work together to continuously communicate your brand’s personality and messages. It’s a very clever and effective way of marketing your business.


We’ve helped several companies specifically design branded workplaces to make a real impression on clients. Cello Aviation needed a complete redesign and refurbishment of the firm’s headquarters, with a particular focus on the creation of a bright and welcoming reception area.

As a luxury VIP private jet company who provide a service tailored to the needs of their clients, Cello Aviation have experienced rapid growth ever since their inception. Their brand message is clear: motivated by great ambition and professionalism, they exceed client expectations to deliver a reliable, luxurious, individually tailored service.

A reception area is absolutely vital for making crucial first impressions in any workplace and we therefore developed a design that would clearly communicate Cello Aviation’s premium brand and message to clients as soon as they stepped through the door.

This involved creating a contemporary seating area for clients to comfortably wait and installing a new, modern front desk. Consistent branding was also implemented throughout the reception area and into the office itself, including the sales and marketing offices, the conference suite and the MD’s boardroom. This was achieved by installing dividing walls of toughened glass that featured various custom graphic transfers. The main design was of a gentle wave that not only complemented Cello’s logo, but also implied smooth flight, as well as providing practical privacy to the office spaces. Other graphics emphasised travel, cosmopolitan contemporary lifestyle and luxury destinations as they included a compass design on the doors leading through to the offices, a map of the world on the glass walls of the MD’s boardroom, and the London skyline on the sales and marketing offices.

To see photos and learn more about how we helped Cello Aviation create a branded reception area and workplace to make an impact on their clients, take a look at our case study page.


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