The Importance of Workplace Branding Part 1: Employees

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Branding is at the core of business. And as such, it shouldn’t simply be something you apply outside of the office. Simply using logos or a colour scheme on websites or brochures isn’t maximising the full value of the incredible tool you have at your fingertips. Instead, your brand should be incorporated into every element of your business.

As a result of this realisation, workplaces across the world are being overhauled to reflect and embody the brands that they house. We’ve all seen the likes of Google, Facebook and Lego – and although slides, games rooms and gyms may not be on your list of things to add to your office, SMEs can learn from the mentality that has led these big businesses to invest in creating unique, inspiring workspaces.

Extending the reach of your brand to every area of your business can do wonderful things. Although many workplaces try to incorporate their branding in their office aesthetics by simply displaying their logo and using company colours, effective workplace branding actually goes much further than this. It’s about understanding and communicating the culture of your company, your values, behaviours and objectives. So you need to work hard to ensure that your personality is reflected across the entirety of your workplace, in everything from the little details like mugs, to necessities like furniture to additional extras that really emphasise who you are and what you’re doing.

Why? Because by doing this you create a brand that is more recognisable and engaging to both your employees and your customers. And these two sets of people are vital to your success.


Studies have shown that workplaces that successfully reflect the company’s culture and brand nurture a more engaged and satisfied workforce. By creating an environment that encompasses your brand’s ethos, employees form a better understanding of the company’s objectives and values and implement them more effectively in the course of their work. Ultimately, this engaged atmosphere improves employee wellbeing, retention and productivity, which are major benefits for any business.

Most people actively want to work in places that make them feel engaged and give them a sense of purpose. An effectively branded workplace facilitates this connection. It attracts new talent as people easily identify with your company’s culture and understand what your goals are. It also enables existing employees to positively engage with your brand message on a daily basis. By incorporating your pride in your product and mission into the very fabric of your space, you create an environment in which everyone can really feel the common purpose. This ultimately inspires employees to represent company objectives, enhances brand loyalty, motivates employees to do their best, boosts morale and fosters a sense of community in which employees feel part of the important mission of achieving company goals and succeeding as a business.

Getting employees to live and breathe your brand might seem a difficult task. It certainly takes consideration and effort, but professional and experienced designers can help you to bring together and implement a cohesive vision. Workplace branding is a real investment in your people and your working culture, and the benefits that come from this investment are clear.


We’ve helped a number of businesses achieve better branded workplaces for their employees, including Charles Bentley.

The company was relocating to new, larger premises and wanted to take the opportunity to transform their new space into an improved working environment for their staff. Key to this project was creating a branded workplace.

Charles Bentley is one of the UK’s leading brush manufacturers with a long heritage dating back to 1860. Their mission today is to use their breadth of knowledge and passion for innovation to produce a wide selection of cleaning products for customers across the globe.

With their heritage and mission both crucial to the company’s brand, we wanted to incorporate these elements into the new office space in clever, modern ways. We achieved this by creating custom-made, large scale graphics of a magnified brush head, resulting in a creative, eye-catching and thought-provoking statement wall. Glass partitions were branded with the Bentley name and logo and were used throughout the office to create a light and open space without sacrificing all privacy. We also placed Bentley products on show around the office and implemented full product displays in the meeting and conference rooms as a constant reminder of the company’s purpose and achievements.

To see photos and learn more about how we helped Charles Bentley create a branded workplace for their employees, take a look at ourcase study page.


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