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Glass office partitions


We understand the importance of things looking good. An aesthetically appealing office space makes a good impression on clients, helps to attract new employees and often creates a more pleasing working environment for current staff. However, it’s just as important to invest in design solutions that rate highly when it comes to quality, durability and performance. It’s essential for business function, productivity and worker satisfaction. And luckily, these two crucial elements – aesthetics and performance – needn’t be mutually exclusive. In fact, glass partitions are a design solution that effortlessly achieve both things.


Achieve light filled, open plan office spaces without sacrificing privacy. Inbuilt soundproofing technology reduces sound up to 49 dB (RW), which means that private meetings stay private. Additionally, and more importantly in terms of team productivity, soundproofing can help to solve the common problem of distracting noise that many people experience in typical open plan working environments. And, while glass partitions are undeniably sleek, minimal and modern, glass also benefits from being a classic design choice, making your investment worthwhile and long-lasting.


A safe workplace environment is not just a crucial legal requirement but an essential element in creating an atmosphere in which employees feel secure. But fire safety doesn’t have to mean heavy, old-fashioned doors that block light and interrupt the flow of your interior design. Whether you choose single or double-glazed glass, all of our glass partition choices are thoroughly fire tested and approved, with fire resistance ranging from 30-60 minutes.


Create a sense of space in public areas while ensuring that all crowd pressure safety requirements are met. By combining practicality with design, the strength and safety of highly durable glass partitions make high traffic areas safe without impeding the flow of a light and airy environment. Convinced? Check out our range of glass partitions here, or contact our team to find out more about how they could transform your workspace.


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