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Open Plan office design layout

Several recent studies have shown that open plan offices, while popular, might not be optimal working environments. Workers are often more distracted as concentration is disrupted by heightened noise and a lack of private space. And despite open plan offices appearing to be an ideal setting for collaborative work, it appears that they often foster quite the opposite in reality, resulting in less productivity and more unfriendliness amongst employees. Ultimately, they can negatively impact on the health, morale and productivity of your workforce, which isn’t what any employer wants. Read more about the workplace studieshere.

But what’s the solution? In most office spaces, it’s unlikely that there’s space to create an individual, private office for every employee. Well, whatever the size of your workplace, it is possible to create a workplace that has dedicated zones for employees to work, relax and meet in. And by doing this, you can reduce the negativities of an open plan layout, including distracting and disruptive noise and a lack of privacy.

We’ve created zoned workplaces for many clients and use three great products to do so. Check them out below.


Make your space work harder for your needs with moveable and folding walls. By easily and effectively dividing and opening up spaces, they facilitate fantastic workplace flexibility. Moveable walls in particular are a simple and cost-effective way of generating space in a number of environments. Folding walls are also simple and quick to manoeuvre and are perfect for areas that require speedy layout changes. Both offer powerful acoustic properties and come in a wide range of finishes to seamlessly integrate into your interior design.


Easily create work zones, meeting rooms and offices with solid office partitioning. With a range of solid partitions available in a wide selection of material choices, veneers and even graphic options to suit any kind of aesthetic. They’re also easy to customise by incorporating window panels, glazed partitions and even SwitchGlass. And with increased acoustic performance, they’re particularly suited to creating quieter spaces to improve concentration and heighten privacy.


To retain a sense of light and openness whilst still gaining the advantages of partitions, look no further than glass partitions. Sleek, minimal, modern and classic all at the same time, they’re a design statement that’s worth investing in. They’re also ideal for communicative environments that need a little more privacy or noise reduction. And depending on your needs, you can incorporate blinds and SwitchGlass for privacy, or bespoke graphics and manifestations to create a bold aesthetic.

Bridge Interiors excels in building interior work, creating modern and functional spaces that seamlessly integrate open plan office design principles to improve creativity and teamwork.


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