Glass Partitions: Not Just for Offices…

Sheets of glass

Here at Bridge, we stay on the cutting edge of design by constantly searching for inspiration, exploring new ideas and being part of innovative new projects. And although we pride ourselves on our specialist office space design and refurbishment services, we’re certainly not limited to only achieving great results in office environments.

With expert skills and a range of highly versatile products, our services are suited to many applications, including bespoke domestic projects. Indeed, it was our expertise and range of glass partitions that made us ideally suited for one of our most recent projects: a bespoke wine cellar.

Situated in a long, large space, this wine cellar was to be custom built to exacting requirements. It needed to be both an architectural statement and a practical storage facility at the same time. Whilst searching for inspiration on how best to achieve this dual purpose, our client recognised the aesthetic and practical appeal of glass partitions and got in touch. And we were, of course, happy to get involved in such an interesting and different project.

Modern, stylish and packed with high performance qualities, glass partitions are a great addition to any space. We regularly take advantage of the vast benefits of their clean design aesthetics and hardworking features to create open plan environments that retain important aspects of privacy. With regard to the wine cellar project, the glass partitions would help to enhance the feeling of space and create a real feature of the client’s wine collection.

Not only aesthetically ideal, the performance features of glass partitions had a big part to play in this project. It is crucial that exacting conditions are achieved to properly facilitate bottle ageing and the storage of ready to drink wines. To ensure that the ideal levels of refrigeration and humidity were maintained, we chose glass in a specific increased thickness and seamlessly joined the panes to create a sealed environment.

The custom wine cellar is a perfect example of how the aesthetics and practical performance of glass partitions is a widely applicable dual benefit. Thanks to the classic and modern design appeal of glass, a sleek and timeless appearance was achieved at the same time as succeeding to create the specific environment for the storage of wine.

If you have ideas for a custom project, be it for an office or a domestic environment, get in touch with our team. We’d love to hear from you and see how our expertise could help transform your space.


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