Galliford Try

Bridge Interiors successfully executed a comprehensive refurbishment project for the Galliford Try Hinckley, Leicestershire Office.

Galliford Try – Hinckley Office Refurbishment and Electrical Works

Project Overview:

Bridge Interiors successfully executed a comprehensive refurbishment project for the Galliford Try Hinckley, Leicestershire Office. The scope included enabling works, strip-out activities, partitioning, door installations, acoustic insulation, fire barriers, and glazed windows. The result is a modern and functional office space that meets all safety and acoustic requirements. The careful attention to detail in construction and materials selection ensures a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish. The project was completed within the specified timeline and budget, showcasing Bridge Interiors’ expertise in delivering high-quality interior solutions for commercial spaces.

Description of Works:

  • Enabling Works:
    • Installation of health and safety signage.
    • Supply and installation of temporary screens and hoardings.
    • Placement of plastic floor protection on existing carpet tiles.
    • Debris removal and site cleaning.
    • Access equipment provision for subsequent works.
    • Loading of materials to the second floor.
    • Utilisation of skips for waste disposal.
    • Access equipment provision for electrical works.
    • Dedicated skips for electrical item disposal.
  • Strip Out:
    • Removal of existing partition frontage to Comms Room.
    • Disposal of existing glazed partition system to waste skips.
  • Partitioning:
    • Installation of new plasterboard stud partitioning for offices, boardroom, accounts, and kitchen.
    • Construction includes layers of Sound-bloc plasterboard, Fireline plasterboard, and Rockwool insulation.
    • Taping and filling joints for a seamless finish.
    • Supply and installation of new timber skirting.
  • Doors:
    • Oak Veneered solid-core doors with FD30 and FD60 fire ratings.
    • Long slot vision panel to the primary leaf.
    • Acoustic drop seals to specified rooms.
  • Acoustic Insulation:
    • Installation of 50mm Acoustic Pads above existing ceiling tiles.
    • Vertical installation of Rockwool Rigid Acoustic Insulation.
    • Floor void insulation above the line of newly built offices.
    • Fire-rated Ablative Batts installation.
  • Fire Barrier:
    • Installation of Fire halt Ultra 60 fire barrier within the existing ceiling void.
  • Glazed Windows Option:
    • Supply and installation of paint-grade timber windows with various glass options.
    • Single glazed windows in FR60 and Acoustic Rated Glass for specific room types.
  • Kitchen:
    • Detailed construction of the kitchen with specific fire-rated doors and acoustic drop seals.
    • Use of Acoustic Glass for windows.
  • General Lighting:
    • Supply and installation of 120 LED Light Panels.
    • Connection to existing switching/sensors.
    • Materials and labour for general LED lighting panels.
  • Floor Boxes:
    • Repositioning of 27 floor boxes (1 per bank of 4 desks).
      • Includes the use of trailing extension leads and cable management beneath desks.
      • Materials and labour for floor boxes.
  • Air Conditioning Controls:
    • Removal and reinstallation of 4 air conditioning controls.
    • Materials and labour for air conditioning controls.
  • General Power:
    • Removal of existing sockets and data points.
    • Removal and reinstallation of 1 double socket for the reception desk.
    • Materials and labour for general power and installation of 6 Access Points.
  • Boardroom:
    • Installation of 1 floor box and HDMI cable for a wall-mounted TV.
    • Installation of 1 TV.
    • Materials and labour for the boardroom.
  • Inspect, Test, and Certify:
    • Comprehensive inspection, testing, and certification of all circuits worked on.