Excellent Examples of Glass Partitions

Glass office partitions

It’s no secret that glass partitions are a serious favourite of ours – just take a look at our last blog post. However this time round, instead of simply telling you why glass partitions are brilliant, we decided to demonstrate how they can be used, using three of our projects as examples.


Long-term clients of ours The Best Connection have 80 offices across the UK. As part of a large-scale, ongoing commitment to refurbish, refresh and renew their branches, we have delivered over £350,000 of project work so far.

To open up office layouts and modernise workspaces, glass partitions were chosen for meeting rooms and individual offices. The result has been the creation of smart, contemporary offices that have a real sense of space and light.

See how glass partitions created modern office spaces atBest Connection.


A complete refurbishment and refit of luxury VIP jet hire specialist Cello Aviation’s Handsworth office demanded the creation of an interior that reflected the company’s high-end image.

Glass partitions were chosen to help to fulfil this requirement. They are not only classically stylish but they are easily customisable according to aesthetic or functional requirements. For example, throughout the reception area and boardroom, customised frosting and bespoke graphics were added to the glass for visual appeal. In the CEO offices and pilot areas, however, increased acoustic performance was of a higher priority, meaning a combination of glass and solid partitions were selected.

Take a look at how bespoke glass partitions were used inCello Aviation’sinterior.


Well, we could hardly leave out our own relocation and refurbishment. Outgrowing our old office gave us the exciting opportunity to relocate and create a new, contemporary, open-plan office space that not only suited our staff but would demonstrate our service to visiting clients.

Glass partitions were an integral element to the achievement of our brief. We installed them throughout the main office area to create separate offices without sacrificing the natural light and feeling of space. To enhance privacy and provide added aesthetic appeal, we also featured custom graphics on several of the glass partition office walls and even included SwitchGlass panels in the new reception area.

See how glass partitions were used in our newly refurbished spacehere.

We incorporate sleek internal office glass separation solutions, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of modern workspaces with a sophisticated touch. For further details like office glass partition price , request a quotation.


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