Creating functional and well-designed toilet and washroom facilities is an integral part of achieving a successful refurbishment or redesign of your workspace or property. Our expert teams are highly experienced in providing all elements and performing all the plumbing and installation work needed to create high performance facilities.

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Interior Design


Your bespoke solution is achieved via a carefully cultivated design process. We work closely with you to truly understand your environment and to perceive your vision. Experienced professionals conduct our surveys, keeping practicality and design in mind at all times in order to present appropriate solutions. All manner of plumbing and installation work is handled by certified experts. This process results in washroom facilities that are functional, stylish and durable.

Creating Your Washroom
Planning, Designing & Installing

We work with our clients to plan, design and install everything that is needed to create the washroom solution that they need. From toilets and showers to locker rooms and changing rooms, our team is adept at providing whatever our clients require.

We help businesses to plan and accommodate all and any washroom requirements. We perform a professional survey and consult with our clients to discover their requirements and make suggestions based on our survey and discussion, taking into account the available space and budget restrictions.

Cubicles & Panelling
Ensuring Durability & Design

To ensure sophisticated and durable washroom, locker room and changing room facilities, we provide a number of professional cubicle and panelling solutions. We help our clients to choose the correct type for their washroom environment based on the material’s resistance to humidity and water, the expected traffic levels and the client’s colour and design requirements.

Modern designs and wide ranges of colour and materials enable the creation of minimalist and stylish washrooms that retain crucial water, humidity and impact resistance. Cubicles and IPS panelling is highly functional yet our selections do not sacrifice on the importance of design.

All The Fixtures & Fittings

We can source all of the hardware and fittings for your washroom facilities from toilets and sinks to lockers and benches. We can also provide vanity units to surround and support your sink areas. We will suggest appropriate materials by taking into consideration factors such as humidity and exposure to water.

Design requirements will also be at the forefront of our recommendations when it comes to supplying vanity units and other hardware. We go to great lengths to match colours and styles to your interior design to ensure that your washroom facilities look fantastic and offer maximum performance.

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We’re proud of the work we do. We continually strive to do the best we can for our clients through the provision of premium products and outstanding services. If you want to discuss a potential or existing project with us, our team is on hand to answer any enquiries you may have. You can get in touch via our website or pick up the phone to call us directly.