We believe in providing a completely managed all-in-one service. Our clients don’t have to organise various companies or tradesmen; whatever your needs, we can satisfy and supply all of the mechanical and electrical works that your redesign, refurbishment or relocation requires. Based in Loughborough we can service companies based throughout Leicestershire and the East Midlands.

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Interior Design


Your bespoke solution is achieved via a carefully cultivated design process. We work closely with you to truly understand your environment and to perceive your vision. Experienced professionals survey your space whilst keeping practicality and design in mind at all times. All electrical and mechanical works are then performed by our certified experts to create a reliable, certified result.

Essential Electronics
A Fully Connected Workspace

We provide all of the standard mechanical and electrical utilities during our refurbishments of commercial properties. We will ensure that all lighting, voice and data cabling and wifi is all correctly installed, certified and designed according to individual client requirements.

We can also install fire systems such as smoke alarms or sprinklers. We only work with certified professionals, and these individuals will survey and conduct installations to guarantee your property meets certified and legal standards.

Bespoke Mechanics
Integrated Designs

Other necessities will also be taken care of by our certified professionals. Ventilation systems and security systems will be integrated into our plans and fitted according to client briefs as well as design and safety requirements.

We can also supply additional mechanical and electrical work for more bespoke client requirements. This could include a range of different things, from audiovisual setups and solutions to air conditioning units.

Certified Installation
A Professional Service

After discussing your plans with us, all mechanical and electrical works are integrated into your design. We work with experienced and reliable suppliers and professionals who will fit all work to NIC certified standards.

Not only will all of your mechanical and electrical works be fitted to professionally guaranteed standards, but they will be installed as part of our all-in-one, fully-managed service. This saves you valuable time and ensures that the work runs smoothly.

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We’re proud of the work we do. We continually strive to do the best we can for our clients through the provision of premium products and outstanding services. If you want to discuss a potential or existing project with us, our team is on hand to answer any enquiries you may have. You can get in touch via our website or pick up the phone to call us directly.